87. The Friendship

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Tony was really excited to see his friend Kevin. They had been friends since elementary school all the way through high school. When they started college, they both headed their separate ways. Tony wanted to study in electrical engineering, and Kevin wanted to become a doctor. Their career choices led them into different directions, but their friendship was still intact.

Tony and Kevin had been very close friends in elementary school. They started their friendship while doing a small painting assignment. When Kevin noticed Tony painting a really nice rocket, Kevin complimented him on it and the two started talking about their interest in other things. What really kept them together at that moment was when Tony acknowledged Kevin's reaction when Tony accidentally dropped his set of paints on the classroom floor. Tony was embarrassed and terrified, but Kevin wasn't hesitant to help him out by cleaning it up.

Growing up, Tony and Kevin shared similar interests. When they were in elementary school, they both shared a dream of becoming astronauts and flying in spaceships to discover unknown galaxies and unknown life forms. In middle school, they both shared the dream of becoming famous basketball players. Then, in high school, they both had the urge to become famous rock stars.

It wasn't always a cheerful friendship. Sometimes, they both fought and shared different views about different things. Despite their differences, Tony and Kevin didn't tear their friendship apart. In moments of grief and doubts, they were there to support each other.

Tony and Kevin have both recently received their bachelor's degree. They have kept in contact up until now, and have decided to get together and catch up on lost time.

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