67. A Baby Girl

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My mom was pregnant with her second child. I was happy because I was going to be a big brother. My dad and mom told me that it was going to be a boy. I was excited, because that meant I could boss him around and tell him to do my chores. She told all her friends that she was having a boy. Her friends all gave her their extra boy clothes that their sons had used, and my mom loved it.

My dad was busy working on the crib for the baby. He painted it blue, and put a blanket with race cars inside. When my mom went into the hospital, my dad was excited and jumping up and down, but after my mom had the baby, my dad came out with a confused look on his face. I asked him what was wrong, if the baby was okay. He looked at me and said yes, but that the baby was actually a girl. My grandma looked at him, and smacked him in the head. She said, "That's wonderful news. Don't look so depressed!"

My dad laughed and said "No, I'm not depressed, I'm just confused." For the first three months of her life, my sister looked like a boy. She wore nothing but boy's clothes, because that's all my parents had gotten for her. I took a lot of pictures, so I could tell her later that she was actually a boy, but an accident happened that changed her into a girl. My mom deleted all my photos because it was mean.

I'll never forget the look on my dad's face when he came out of the delivery room. He looked like he was trying to solve a big math problem in his head. It was like he was trying to count from one to a million, luckily my grandma slapped it out of him.

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