66. Being Charged with Arson

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Carl was just 15 when he was charged with arson. He snuck into his high school with a friend and lit the auditorium curtains on fire. They thought they would have gotten away with it, but the store across the street from the school had a camera that saw Carl and his friend come out of the school. The police caught Carl and his friend while they were eating at a restaurant that was next to the high school. They were taken to jail.

Carl admitted to burning down the auditorium, and got sentenced for 10 years in prison. His friend got the same. The judge asked them why they did it, and Carl said, "Because we were bored and we didn't like the school."

News reporters were at the school. They wanted to talk to the parents, who were at the school talking to the police and the principal. Carl's father came out first and was on his way to the police station when a news reporter asked him about the situation. He said, "My son just lost his childhood, and he will never get that back. Carl was never a bad child, but he started acting up when he got to high school. His mom couldn't believe what he had done. People make mistakes, and Carl's mistake is going to cost him a lot."

The principal said that the school will be working hard to get the auditorium rebuilt, but it will take a couple of years. The school says that it will cost a million dollars to rebuild the auditorium. According to his parents, Carl said that he wishes he could take it all back and that it was a stupid mistake.

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