29. Playing Catch

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My big brother James has always been a good baseball player. He is six years older than me, but he always invites me to go play catch with him. It's one of my favorite things to do. We live next to a park. Whenever we get bored we just cross the street and start throwing the ball around. The last time we went to the park, we were playing catch and also hitting some baseballs with our bats. Some guys came up to us because they wanted to play a game of baseball. They needed two more players, so they asked us to play with them.

James asked me if I wanted to play, and I said yes. The guy's name was Christian, and he introduced us to all the guys. James introduced me and gave the guy our names. I asked Christian if I could play catcher. I always liked playing catcher at school. He said that I could and James got first base. During the game, James got a homerun and I was excited for him. I got on the base twice, but I got out all the time. I was sad, but James told me not to worry and that it happens.

After the game, Christian and the guys told James if he wanted to go grab a drink with them. I thought James was going to go because he likes to drink, but he told them that he was going to take me out to eat. We thanked them for the game and Christian asked James for his phone number just in case they ever needed more players for a game. James gave it to him and then we went to go eat at Jim's Burgers.

I asked James why he didn't go to drink with the guys. He told me that he knew his responsibilities. I didn't know what he meant, but I was glad he didn't go. Now, we could eat burgers and fries.

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