28. A Day at the Library

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Claudette's dad didn't let her have a boyfriend. He told her that 12-year-olds aren't supposed to have boyfriends. Claudette always wanted a boyfriend, but didn't want to get her dad mad. She would always go to the library after school to study and wait for her dad to pick her up. One day, a boy named Steven decided to go up to Claudette and say hi.

"Hello, my name is Steven. I've seen you here before," he said. "Oh, hello. My name is Claudette. I always come here to study and wait for my dad. I live a bit far," she said.

Steven asked Claudette if he could sit with her, so he didn't have to study alone. Claudette said yes. They started studying and started talking. Soon they weren't studying at all. They began talking about music, books, movies, and what they liked to do for fun. Steven had to leave before Claudette's dad came to pick her up, and he asked her if she would be back tomorrow, so that they could study together again. Claudette said yes.

The next day, Steven showed up and saw Claudette. He sat down and she smiled at him and said hello. They began talking about their classes, and what they were learning at school. After they talked for an hour, Claudette told him she had to go look for a book, and if he could go with her. Steven agreed, and went to look for the book with Claudette.

As they were looking for the book, Claudette was in one aisle and Steven was in another. Claudette took out a book and saw Steven was looking at her. She smiled and he told her she was beautiful. She was happy he said that, because she really liked him. Claudette asked him if he wanted to be her boyfriend. Steven said yes. As they were hugging, Claudette's dad came in and saw them. He split them up and took Claudette by the hand. He told Steven that he wouldn't be able to see her again. Steven was sad.

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