13. Long Distance Relationship

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Marie and Mark have been dating for four months. The relationship is moving fast. They already are talking about a future together including moving in together. For Marie this means moving her two children from a previous marriage as well. Marie's children call Mark "daddy".

Marie and Mark "see" each other almost every day and yet they have never actually met. Marie lives in the city of Terrace and Mark lives is Houston. They began conversing with each other in an online chatroom. How they see each other is through video chat programs like Skype. They are constantly texting one another and sending one another pictures.

Marie asks her friend Bella for advice. Bella met her husband Dan on Twitter four years ago and moved from New York City to Los Angeles to be with him. It was different from Marie and Mark's situation, though.

Bella and Dan had friends in common, even though they lived on opposite coasts of the United States. Bella also traveled to Los Angeles a number of times to decide if she really liked Dan and if she could live in another city. Dan and Bella traveled back and forth for over a year before deciding to move in with another and make a life together. Bella, like Marie, has two children from a previous marriage. Bella's kids do not call Dan "daddy" though.

Bella warns Marie not to get in too deep. She tells Marie that Mark needs to come and visit Los Angeles. Marie can also go to Houston. Bella feels that you really cannot be in a relationship with someone you only know through the computer. There have even been cases of people being tricked and not being who they say they are. Marie is infatuated though. She and Mark have started talking about the kind of house they will buy together in Houston.

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