4. A Garage Band

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Many young American boys and girls dream of becoming a rock star at one time or another in their lives. American culture is largely defined by the music young people enjoy. During the 1960s, music in the United States was greatly influenced by the social issues of the day. Many call the decade a revolutionary period in the country's history, and music was a big part of that revolution.

When David was young, he was in love with the Beatles. The English band was possibly the most impactful group of the generation. It revolutionized music like no band or artist before them. Most young boys wanted to be Paul McCartney, or John Lennon - the two founders of the band. Becoming rich and famous in America is one of the attractions of living in the U.S., and becoming a rock star is one way of achieving this. David knew this, so he got together with three of his friends and convinced them to form a band together.

Many American Rock 'N' Roll bands began their journey in someone's garage. One notable group to start this way was Van Halen. David and his friends were convinced they could become the next Beatles with a little luck and a lot of practice.

The band practiced regularly over the years, and soon became good enough to perform before some young audience, but they never hit the big time unfortunately. The road to success in the music industry is not an easy one to travel, but that does not deter some American dreamers. David's philosophy was "You never know what the future holds," and is engaged in the music industry to this day. A couple of his original band members are also in the industry enjoying marginal success, and are still pursuing their dream.

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