296. Food Trucks

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Food trucks used to be somewhere fast to get meals for office workers in cities across the United States. The food used to be just average, certainly nothing to boast about. Food trucks were a matter of convenience, and usually offered inexpensive meals. At lunchtime in cities across the United States, workers lined up to order a sandwich and a canned soda. The meal rarely cost more than five dollars. They took their food and ate as they walked. Some workers would take their food back to their offices and eat in the company lunchroom or at their desks.

Food trucks have come a long way. They are no longer thought of as just fast food on wheels. Now food trucks are considered a gourmet dining experience. There are food trucks selling cuisine from all over the world. There are Korean barbecue food trucks and food trucks that sell lobster rolls. There are even food trucks that specialize in desserts. These dessert food trucks sell more than just ice-cream cones. They sell cakes and pies. There're even cupcake trucks.

Food trucks have become so popular that many use social media to reach customers and create a fan base. Some food trucks use Twitter to let customers know what their menu is for the day. Other food trucks use Facebook to let customers know on what corner they will be parked.

These clean food trucks, with their gourmet food and large fan base, are not a bargain anymore though. Rarely can you get a meal from a food truck for less than ten dollars. Some people think the price is worth the quality. Others just bring sandwiches from home.

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