263. Helping the Needy

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Age doesn't matter when it comes to helping out the needy. Shane is a 9-year-old boy that loves to help out. During a school field trip, Shane's class went to visit a warehouse where people donate food and clothes for the homeless. Shane was inspired by the workers he saw there. When he got home, he told his mom all about his field trip. Shane told his mom that he wanted to go help out.

A week later, Shane's mom told him the good news. They were going to help out at a local kitchen that gave food to the homeless. Shane got excited. He got his coat and shoes. As Shane and his mom were getting to the local kitchen, Shane saw how all the homeless people were living. He saw the tents in the street and how some people didn't even have shoes. He got sad, and told his mom that he was going to make sure everyone had shoes, food, and blankets.

When they got inside, the manager of the kitchen thanked Shane and his mom for coming down to help. They started serving food to the homeless and everyone that passed by thanked Shane for coming down to help. Shane felt safe and started talking to the homeless people. He told them that he wanted to help them. When they finished, Shane didn't want to leave, but they had to.

Shane told his mom that he wanted to do more. During school, Shane asked his teacher to let him say something to the class. He told them about what he had seen. He asked his friends and his teacher if they had any clothes they didn't wear anymore, so that he could donate them. His friends brought some clothes the next day, but his teacher did something better. She brought her friend, who was a reporter, and ran a story on Shane about how much he wanted to help out the homeless. Thousands of people donated clothes and food. Shane and his mother couldn't believe it.

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