252. Drought-Resistant Plants

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Hannah was worried about the plants in her garden. Her state recently declared a drought and her plants were showing that they missed the rain. Her plants were all dead or dying. Their leaves were brown and dry. Even the small patch of grass in front of her house was drying up because of the lack of rain and the overall shortage of water.

Hannah didn't want to give up on her garden. She loved spending time in her yard. She loved working with her hands in the dirt. She loved watering the plants and watching, week by week, her hard work pay off. From a small seed in the soil, she grew flowers and herbs. This season, though, was a bust.

She began to do some research on the Internet on drought-resistant plants, which are plants that would do alright in full sun and without regular water. It turned out there were quite a few plants that were drought-resistant. Through her Internet search, Hannah even found a website for a place that was selling native plants, which were grown naturally from her climate.

Hannah laughed at the name though. It was called a nursery. Hannah always thought a nursery was a bedroom for a new-born baby or a very young child, not a place to buy plants. The more she thought about it though, the more it made sense. Going to a nursery was like going to get a baby. Except in this case, the baby was a plant she would bring home.

Hannah drove 30 minutes to get to the nursery, which had a whole section of drought-resistant plants. She walked up and down the outdoor aisles, carefully considering her options. Then she stopped in front of a small seedling that was just flowering. "I found my baby," she thought.

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