251. Disappearance of a Lego

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Mike was having a beer in the living room one evening while watching a football game. His five-year-old son Rob was playing with Legos on the floor. "Hey Dad, bet I can make one of these Legos disappear," Rob told his dad. Mike was only half paying attention to his son since his favorite team was playing. "Uh huh," Mike absent-mindedly answered. "Tada! I made it disappear!" Rob said proudly. Mike asked his son what his secret was. "A magician never tells," Rob said while tapping his nose. Mike shrugged his shoulders. "Guess, Daddy. Guess!" Rob encouraged.

Mike first guessed the Lego was in his son's pocket. He was wrong. Then Mike guessed that the Lego was in his son's sock. That too was a wrong guess. Mike gave up. "It's in my nose, Dad!" Rob proudly declared. Mike spit out his beer and rushed to look up his son's nose. He couldn't see anything up there. He went to the kitchen junk drawer and took out a small flashlight. Mike looked up his son's nose again. He still couldn't see the bright yellow Lego piece. "Are you sure it's up there?" Mike asked his son. Rob nodded. "Does it hurt?" Mike asked. Rob shook his head.

Mike didn't want to stick anything up his son's nose to try and take out the mini toy brick. He was scared he would push the Lego up higher and hurt his son. "I guess we have to go to the hospital," Mike told his son. Rob looked scared. It was a short drive to the hospital emergency room. Mike felt like the most negligent dad in the world when he told the triage nurse the reason for the visit. "My son has a Lego stuck up his left nostril," Mike said in a low voice.

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