246. Jenny's First Pets (1)

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Jenny had always wanted a pet of her own. She wanted something to take care of, someone to be there whenever she came back home, and most of all, an animal to be best friends with. Jenny would constantly ask her dad to buy her a pet, but her dad always refused. Jenny's dad knew having a pet was a big responsibility. He did not think Jenny was ready to own a pet at ten years old, and that was exactly what he told her when she asked for one. "When will I be ready?" Jenny asked one day. "Wait until you're twelve," Jenny's dad replied. This was good news for Jenny. All she had to do now was to be patient.

Two years had passed. Jenny had been counting down the days on her calendar. The morning of her twelfth birthday, Jenny jumped on her dad's bed and immediately reminded him of what he had said two years ago. "Have you decided on what pet to get?" Jenny's dad asked. Jenny could not respond. She had not made up her mind on what kind of pet she wanted. "Let me think about it," she said and ran to her room.

Jenny took into consideration all the pets she could imagine. She imagined a white fluffy cat that she'd name Tabby or a large bright golden retriever that she'd name Yellow and play Frisbee with in the afternoons. She imagined owning colorful Macaw that she'd name Polly and have conversations with whenever she felt lonely. After an hour of weighing in the options, Jenny had made up her mind.

Jenny's dad was surprised when he found out what pet his daughter had chosen. "I want a horse," she declared when she walked back into her dad's bedroom. "How about something a little less expensive," he said to Jenny. "A pony?" she cleverly replied. "Let's go to the pet shop," Jenny's dad said.

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