245. Studying for the Big Test

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Monday was the day of the big test. Luella had three days left to study. She knew she had to study for at least three hours per day in the next couple of days if she hoped to get the grade she wanted. Luella needed to score at least a ninety percent on her test in order to pass her Algebra class with an A.

The stakes were high for Luella. She had attended every lecture this semester. She had jotted down notes upon notes to take home and study. She had even sat in a few tutoring sessions after class. After turning in all her homework and passing all her quizzes, Luella still felt like she could fail her final test. After all, it was cumulative, meaning the test would test her on everything she had learned.

Luella knew what she had to do. It was time to buckle down and study like there was no tomorrow. Motivated and determined, Luella sat at her desk and studied for at least three hours for the next three days. By the time the night before the test came, Luella felt confident that she would do well.

Luella woke up that Monday morning with a grin on her face. She had dreamed of taking the test. In the dream she passed her test with an A. It was up to Luella to make her dream come true that Monday morning. Luella was assured she would. She knew all that studying was about to pay off as she walked into her classroom and sat down at her desk. "Nothing can go wrong," Luella said to herself.

She was right! Luella not only breezed through all the math problems, but was the first person to finish in her class. Luella knew she could do it. It was of no surprise when she discovered the grade she received. It was an A plus.

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