221. A Breath of Fresh Air

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Sam was so proud of himself. He had gone two years without smoking a cigarette. At the age of 14, Sam was already puffing away on his favorite brand of cigarettes, Marlboro. Even though people have to be over the age of 18 in America to buy cigarettes, Sam knew of a few stores that sold cigarettes without checking identification. Sam had spent seven years smoking, he was 21 when he decided to quit.

Sam decided to quit after discovering he had been coughing blood. He would get tired quickly, and he noticed his teeth were getting really yellow. Whenever Sam would hang out with his friends that smoked, he would always want a cigarette really badly, but was always strong and said no when they offered him one. Before Sam quit, he would go through a pack of cigarettes a week. The pack of cigarettes usually cost him $5.25.

As a way to encourage himself to stop smoking, Sam decided to save his money every week. After two years, Sam took out all his money he had saved from not smoking, and saw that he had saved $504. He decided to buy a bicycle so he could ride it for fun and for exercise. As he started riding his bike more frequently, he noticed that he didn't think about smoking anymore. He didn't want a cigarette when he would hang out with his friends that smoked.

Sam would ride his bike in the morning because he loved getting a breath of fresh air. In the past when he smoked, the only time he got a breath of fresh air was when he went out for a cigarette. He enjoyed being outside breathing in the air that would hit his face as he rode his bike through the town.

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