152. Going to Disneyland

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Ruth Campbell had never gone to Disneyland as a child. She was now 40 years old with two children, a boy and girl. The boy's name was Jeff and the girl's name was Carol. When Jeff was 11 and Carol was 13, Ruth decided to take her kids to Disneyland, which would be the first time any of them ever went. When they arrived at Disneyland, Ruth explained to her children that if they got split up, they would meet at the front of the park.

The first thing Ruth did when they got inside was looking for Mickey Mouse. She wanted to take pictures with all the characters at Disneyland. She even made a list of the characters she wanted to take pictures with. Her children looked at her and smiled. They saw that their mom was acting like a little girl again. She was giggling every time she took a picture with a character.

Her favorite Disney character was Donald Duck, so she kept an eye open for him. When they were in line for a ride, she saw that Donald was taking pictures with people by a restaurant. She told her children: "Look, guys, it's Donald! Hopefully, he is still there when we get out." When they got out of the ride, Donald wasn't there anymore. Ruth told her children that it was okay, and that they would bump into him later on.

They enjoyed their day at Disneyland until it was time for the park to close. Ruth and her children were looking at the fireworks that they put on every night at Disneyland. She hugged her children and told them she loved them. They hugged her back and continued to watch the show. When they were leaving the park, her children noticed that Donald was taking photos with some other people, and their mom hadn't noticed him yet. Carol told her mom that she needed to go to the restroom, and asked her mom to wait for her for a moment. While she was waiting for Carol to come back from the restroom, Ruth felt someone poke her on her shoulder. It was Donald Duck with Carol! Ruth began tearing up a bit, and hugged both of them. They all took photos with Donald Duck, the last character on Ruth's list.

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