151. Getting my License

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Getting a driving license is very important for a 16-year-old. Today was my 16th birthday, and my dad promised to take me to the Department of Motor Vehicles to do my driving test. I passed my written test already, so it was for a road test today. When we got to DMV, I began to get really nervous. I was driving my dad's car, and I didn't want to mess up and crash. My dad looked at me and told me that everything would be fine.

I had stayed up all night thinking about how it would go and if I would pass the test. When the driver instructor came out, he told me to get in the car and turn on the lights. I did as I was told. He then told me to turn on the left turn signal, and then the right turn signal. They both worked, so it was time to start driving. The instructor had dark sunglasses on, and he didn't say much when we got in the car.

The instructor gave me directions to go straight and make a right turn at the next stop sign, which was a couple of blocks away. I did as I was told, and then kept going straight. Then the instructor told me to keep going straight until I reached a street called Marengo and then to turn left. As I drove, I kept looking for Marengo Street, and thought I might pass it and the instructor would deduct points from my test.

When I finally found Marengo Street, I turned to tell the instructor. That was when I realized that he was asleep. I couldn't believe it. This was an important event in my life, an event that I had been worried about for months. When we finished, he woke up and told me I had done a good job, and that I would be getting my license in about a month. I laughed, and thanked him. I went to tell my dad the good news.

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