149. Looking for a Job

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Donald Turner wanted to get a job. He had graduated from his university with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Administration. Since his graduation, he had applied for 20 jobs, yet no one had called him back. Donald decided to be an accountant two years ago, because he figured that it would be an easier way to earn money. Although Donald had studied to become an accountant, his real passion was painting.

Donald took some art classes at his university. His teacher told him that he had the talent, but needed to commit more to his painting. Even though Donald was interested, he decided to play it safe and focus his study on becoming an accountant. He passed his art classes as well as his business classes, all with As. He was proud of his grades. However, two years had passed, Donald still could not find a job. He began getting frustrated.

In order to calm himself down, Donald began painting. He would go to apply for jobs in the morning, and then come back home and paint. When Donald began feeling really stressed out, he would go out to the park and paint there. One day, when Donald was painting at the park, a man began watching him paint. Donald didn't see the man the whole time he was there.

When Donald finished the painting, the man went to talk to him. "You have some real talent," the man said. Donald chuckled and said thanks. The man wanted to know if Donald was selling the painting. Donald was surprised. He didn't think anyone would want to buy his paintings. Donald said yes, and the man offered him $1,500 for the painting. Donald almost dropped the painting because he couldn't believe it. After Donald sold the painting, he bought art supplies with the money he received. He decided to forget about being an accountant. He had never felt so happy.

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