148. A Big City and a Small Town

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Edward Allen always hated living in Los Angeles. Everything was too expensive; traffic was always bad; people were not friendly; it was always crowded. Edward never wanted to live in a big city. He always wanted to live somewhere in the country, in a small town, where everyone knew everyone. It was a dream that he was dedicated to achieving.

The day after his 26th birthday, he called his friend Lisa, who had moved to a small town in Iowa. He asked her how it was like over there. She told him that he would love it. It's quiet and peaceful; people are friendly. Edward made up his mind; he was going to move to this little town. He sat down with his mom and dad, and told them what he was planning on doing. They supported his decision and helped him pack his things. He would leave in a week.

Lisa had helped Edward get a job where she worked, and she told Edward he could stay with her and her roommate until he got back on his feet. Edward was grateful. When he showed up, he immediately started working. He liked his job, but he found it a bit boring at times. He was a waiter at a cafe. He liked the pie at the restaurant, so it wasn't all bad.

After he had been working for two months, he told Lisa that he couldn't handle it anymore. He wanted to go back to the city. Lisa laughed and said, "You have always hated the city, but now you're running back to it? I don't get you, Edward." Edward didn't think living in a small town would be so boring. "The boredom alone will drive me insane, Lisa," Edward said as he started packing his things.

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