146. Family Reunion

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Paul Martin didn't like going to his family reunion. He didn't know most of them, and he didn't even like the people he did know. Paul had always been a loner. He liked doing things alone; he went to the movies alone; he went to concerts alone; he liked to go eat alone. So, at the family reunion, it was no surprise to see that Paul was sitting alone at a table where no one was sitting at. Occasionally, an aunt or uncle of his would come up to say hello, but none of his cousins ever said hello to him. Paul was fine with it; he didn't care, because he didn't like talking to them, either.

During his last family reunion, Paul decided to play a trick on his cousins. His cousins had been playing Nintendo in his uncle's room. Paul knew how to turn off all the power in the house. He locked the door to his uncle's room, and then went to turn off the power. When all the lights turned off, he could hear his cousins begin to yell. They were upset because the game was going really well.

When his cousins tried to leave, they realized that the door was locked. They began to yell for help, and Paul started laughing. All of his aunts and uncles were outside enjoying the party, so no one could hear the yells. Paul went back outside and sat down at a table. He was still laughing. An hour passed, and his aunt started looking for her son. When Paul's cousins were finally set free from the room, they started looking for Paul, because they knew he had locked them in there. Paul wasn't worried; he knew they wouldn't do anything. He looked at them, laughed, and then went back to listen to music. The cousins sat down, and got something to eat. They were all mad at Paul.

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