145. A Trip to Hawaii

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"You're a Winner!" That's what Helen Green read as she opened an envelope she got in the mail. She couldn't believe it. She had won. Helen's husband Roger came over to see why Helen was screaming and jumping. Helen told Roger "You're not going to believe it. Your sister entered us in a sweepstakes for a Hawaii vacation, and we won. We won, Roger!" Roger didn't believe it at first, but then he researched it. "Well, I guess we're going to Hawaii, honey," he told Helen. They both started jumping with joy.

Helen and Roger arrived at Hawaii, and couldn't believe how beautiful everything looked. They had been married for 20 years, but had never had a vacation. After they had checked into their hotel room, they decided to go to the beach. They met a surfer named William, although he liked to be called Will, who was offering free lessons. Seeing that Roger had always wanted to learn how to surf, they decided to go. Will explained to Roger how to paddle the surf board, and he taught him how to stand up on it. After two hours of training in the sand, Will told Roger that they would go out to the water. Roger didn't like that.

"Where are we going?" Roger nervously asked. "Over there," said Will, as he pointed to the ocean. He started getting nervous, and started breathing heavy. Helen went over to Roger and calmed him down. "They're probably in their honeymoon," people said as they passed Roger and Helen. Roger laughed. He finally calmed down. He went out to the ocean with Will, and tried to surf. Every time he tried to get on the surf board he ended up falling. When they got back to the land, Helen hugged Roger and kissed him. "You did great, honey. I love you," Helen said. Roger knew she was lying, but he had never seen Helen smile so greatly. He let it go.

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