137. Going out to the Movies

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Robert Lee and his brothers were excited about the new "Godzilla" movie that was coming out. The day the movie came out, Robert and his brothers went to the theater early. Robert's brothers wanted to see another movie first, and then they wanted to sneak into "Godzilla." Robert didn't mind, because he liked going to the movies. When they got to the theater, Robert bought his brothers popcorn, soda, and some candy. When they got everything, they went to find their seats.

Robert's brothers didn't really like the first movie they watched, but they were excited to see "Godzilla." When they got out of the first movie, Robert went to get more soda and popcorn, because his brothers had finished all of it. Robert's brothers snuck into the theater, and they were waiting for Robert to come back with the snacks. When Robert tried to go back in to see "Godzilla", a security guard asked him for his ticket. Robert didn't have one for "Godzilla," so the security guard had to kick him out.

Robert had to go outside and buy another ticket for "Godzilla." He felt embarrassed, because he had to stand in the line with the popcorn and soda. The people in line and the people who worked in the ticket booth looked at Robert and found him funny. Robert knew that they were looking at him, because they knew he got kicked out for trying to sneak into another movie. His face turned red. He thought about calling his brothers to get out, so that they could go home. Robert thought about how his brothers wanted to see the movie too, and so he bought the ticket and went back in. The security guard looked at him again, and asked him for his ticket. Robert showed it to him, and went into the theater. The security guard laughed.

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