83. The Wedding Reception (2)

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There can be different kinds of entertainment at a wedding reception. Usually there will be a Master of Ceremonies, or MC, who helps move the reception along by making announcements of what will happen next. For example, the MC will announce when the newly married couple enters the reception hall, and all the guests will stand up and applaud. A wedding reception usually has music and guests are expected to dance. The music can be provided by a DJ or by a live band. Sometimes the DJ or live band will accept requests from guests to play a certain song. When the newly married couple enters the reception, they will share a dance by themselves to a song they picked beforehand. Usually the song is something romantic and represents the couple's love for one another. Sometimes the bride will share a dance with her father and the groom will share a dance with his mother. After these special dances, the guests are invited to the dance floor.

Food at a wedding reception can be buffet style, where everyone serves himself or herself, or it can be a sit-down meal served by waiters. Guests get to choose among a meat, chicken or fish deal. Guests generally make their choices when they respond to the initial wedding invitations.

During a wedding, guests shouldn't expect to spend too much time with the bride and groom. The new couple is usually very busy greeting all of their guests. Sometimes the couple doesn't even get a chance to eat. What almost every newly married couple does get to eat at their wedding reception is the wedding cake. The bride and groom traditionally cut through the wedding cake together, and then feed the other person a bite.

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