53. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

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Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was one of the most successful and well-liked children's show in the history of Public Television. Public TV differs from the more common commercial television in that it is not funded by advertising revenue. Public Television is a network of television stations throughout the country that is dedicated to bringing alternative programming to the people of the United States.

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood ran from February 1968 through August 2001, and was hosted by the show's namesake, Fred Rogers. It was a half-hour children's show that featured the popular Rogers as host. It is often referred to as the Mr. Rogers show.

Rogers began his show in 1953 on a PBS station in the northeast part of the country as the Children's Corner. He performed as a puppeteer, and it was aired on live television. There Rogers developed many of the characters that would become famous as his show progressed. In 1967, his show went on the national TV stage, and remained there until 2001.

Rogers' style and calm demeanor made him an instant celebrity who was well-liked by both children and adults. In his early life, Rogers studied to become a Presbyterian minister, but didn't like how children's programming was being presented. He began writing children's songs, and soon began his own local show on public television. During the next three decades, Rogers became a true American icon through his show. His great compassion, morality, and patience were possibly his most liked characteristics.

Rogers was not only a great TV personality, he was also a human rights advocate. He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as well as the Peabody Award for meritorious public service. Rogers was inducted into the Television Hall of Fame, and has received approximately 40 honorary degrees.

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