53. Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood was one of the most and well-liked children's show in the history of Television. Public TV differs from the more common television in that it is not funded by revenue. Public Television is a network of television throughout the country that is dedicated to bringing programming to the people of the United States.

. Rogers' Neighborhood ran from February 1968 through August , and was hosted by the show's namesake, Fred . It was a half-hour children's show that featured popular Rogers as host. It is often referred as the Mr. Rogers show.

Rogers began his in 1953 on a PBS station in the part of the country as the Children's Corner. performed as a puppeteer, and it was aired live television. There Rogers developed many of the that would become famous as his show progressed. 1967, his show went on the national TV , and remained there until 2001.

Rogers style and demeanor made him an instant celebrity who was -liked by both children and adults. In his early , Rogers studied to become a Presbyterian minister, but 't like how children's programming was being presented. He writing children's songs, and soon began his own show on public television. During the next three , Rogers became a true American icon through his . His great compassion, morality, and patience were possibly most liked characteristics.

Rogers was not only a TV personality, he was also a human rights . He received the Presidential Medal of Freedom, as as the Peabody Award for meritorious public service. was inducted into the Television Hall of fame, has received approximately 40 honorary degrees.