138. The Paint Job


Danny's fence needed painting. He wanted to paint it white. He looked in the phone book. He looked under "P" for Painters. He called up a painter. "How much to paint my fence?" he asked. "How big is your fence?" the painter asked. "It goes all the way around my yard," Danny said. "How big is your yard?" the painter asked. "My yard is half as big as a football field," Danny said. The painter said $300. "It will cost $300," he said. That was a good deal. Danny said, "That's a good deal." The painter came over the next day. He painted Danny's fence white. It took him only three hours. Danny looked at his white fence. He liked it. "You did a good job," he said to the painter. "My white fence looks great. How long will this paint last?" "It will last a lifetime," said the painter.

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