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1. His fence needed painting, so he looked in the phone book for ___s.
3. He wanted to paint his fence ___; ___ is a good color for a fence.
5. Everyone wants to get a ___ deal when they buy a product or service.
7. A. You'll never have to repaint your fence. This paint will last forever. It will last a life___.
8. Danny's fence went all the way around his back ___ and his front ___.
10. Who is ___ in line? Whoever is ___ in line, please step forward.
12. This paint is guaranteed for ___. It will last forever.
14. You will never have to repaint this fence. This paint will ___ forever. It has a lifetime guarantee.
15. My fence looks great. You did a ___ job.
17. He looked in the ___ book under "P" for Painters.
20. His yard was much bigger than a tennis court. It was half as big as a ___ field.


1. His fence needed ___. He called a painter to paint his fence.
2. His ___ went all the way around his yard. His ___ needed painting.
4. It took the painter only three ___s to paint the fence. He started at noon and finished at 3 p.m.
5. My fence looks ___! You did a good job.
6. The painter couldn't come over that same day. He came over the ___ day.
9. Only $300 to paint my fence? That's a good ___!
11. His fence looked ugly. It needed new ___. He called a ___er to ___ his fence white.
13. A football ___ is huge. His yard was half as big as a football ___.
16. He looked in the phone ___. He looked under "P" for Painters. He found a phone number.
18. His yard isn't twice as big as a football field; it's only ___ as big as a football field.
19. His fence is long. It goes all the ___ around his yard. He has a big yard.