87. New York City


"I'm moving to New York," she said. "Will you come with me or not?" She loved New York. She loved the subways. She loved the buses. She could walk or take a taxi anywhere. She didn't have to drive anywhere. No more driving, like in Los Angeles. She hated driving in Los Angeles. New York has tall buildings. It has busy streets and sidewalks. It has Broadway. It has Times Square. It has Central Park. It has Wall Street. It has restaurants on every block. It has delivery people. "You can buy anything, and they will deliver it in 20 minutes," she said. "You will have problems in New York," he said. He told her she would freeze in the winter. She would bake in the summer. New York was too expensive. It was too crowded. It was a target for terrorists. They would blow up the whole city. It was noisy. It was dirty and dangerous. "Are you coming or not?" she asked again. "Of course I'm coming," he answered. "Why wouldn't I?"

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