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2. Streets and freeways can be very ___ if drivers are drunk or speeding.
5. New York City has dozens of different stores on every ___.
6. A big city doesn't have to be ___; you can always find cheap bargains.
8. Many ___s in New York City are 20-30 feet wide; there is plenty of room for people to walk.
9. If you ___ driving, you should move to NYC and take the subway.
10. In New York City, you can take the ___ from the Empire State Building to the airport.
12. Freeways and subways are very ___ during rush hour.
14. A group of ___ buildings block sunlight except at high noon.
15. In ___ the snow and ice cause many accidents on the highways.
18. New Yorkers gather at Times ___ on New Year's Eve to welcome in the new year.
19. The FBI and police worry about ___ attacks on big cities in the USA.
20. ___ trucks have to park by the service door of most stores and buildings.


1. In New York, you will ___ in the winter and bake in the summer.
2. If you buy anything big and bulky, you have to pay extra for the store to ___ it to you.
3. The Empire State ___ is the tallest ___ in the city of New York.
4. ___ City has about 8 million residents who love or hate the Yankees.
7. Big cities in the US are ___s for the terrorists.
8. There are many free concerts in the city during the ___.
11. You can ___ a cake in the oven or fry a burger on the stovetop.
12. ___ Park is the biggest, most beautiful, and most famous park in New York City.
13. If the traffic outside is too ___, just close your windows and turn up your TV.
14. The city has thousands of bright yellow ___ cabs that will take you anywhere you want to go.
16. The city is not ___ at all; the sidewalks and streets are clean, and you don't smell bad odors.
17. Will terrorists try to ___ up the bridges and tunnels in the city?