83. Movie Hopping

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Movie hopping is seeing multiple movies when you only paid to see one. Many people movie hop. It is very easy to do it. Most of the time you don't get caught. Norma got caught though. She did it a lot. The most movies she ever saw in one day was seven. She saved so much money. Her friends usually did it with her if it was just two movies. But if it was over two movies, they just left her. They thought three movies were too much.

Norma went out on a date with Steven, who asked her what she wanted to do. She said she wanted to go to the movie theater. He said okay. They went to see a documentary on whales. After that, Norma suggested seeing another movie. "Okay, let me just pay for it at the front," Steven said. "No need for that! We can just walk into the next one," she said. "Isn't that illegal?" Steven asked. "I mean yes, but everyone does it," she said. "Not me. I think it's wrong. The movie industry loses a lot of money and that affects the employees at the theater, actors, and actresses," he said.

"Actors and actresses make so much money. They will be fine. Also employees get the same hourly wage no matter what," Norma said. "I don't think I can date you. We have very different ideals," he said. "I agree," she said. Steven left the movie theater while Norma stayed. She watched three more movies that day.

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