82. Adjusting to Cold Weather

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Paula was from Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles has warm weather all year round. People joke that Los Angeles has no seasons. It never snows, even during the winter. The temperature never goes below 0 degrees. People from Los Angeles can't handle cold weather. Paula was very used to the warm weather in Los Angeles. However, she has to move to Minnesota for school. It is very cold in Minnesota, especially during the winter. Paula is worried that she can't handle it.

Paula is buying many warm clothing items and accessories to prepare herself. She has bought mittens, boots, rain boots, long coats, and jackets. Her first day in Minnesota was rough. Even though she was wearing five layers, she felt extremely cold. A stranger passed by her and said, "You must be from California." "How did you know?" she asked. "You're shivering even though you're wearing five layers," he said. The man was only wearing a single long sleeve shirt.

Paula's body could not take the cold the first week. She got the cold. She called her parents saying she wanted to move back. They encouraged her to stick with Minnesota. After a couple of weeks, Paula started to get used to the cold weather. She started wearing less clothes and shivering less. That's the great thing about human bodies - they adapt so we can survive.

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