74. A Cheap Birthday Gift

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Antonio was known for being cheap. He grew up with poor parents who taught him how to save money. Antonio would do things like stealing toilet paper from public bathrooms, bringing food home from buffets, and ordering the cheapest thing on the menu. His friends sometimes got annoyed with him. His friend Jimmy was having a birthday party. Antonio knew that he had to give him a gift. He didn't want to, but he had to.

Antonio tried to think of a good, cheap gift. I could get him a coffee mug, he thought. He went to the dollar store and bought a mug. The mug was white and had the letter J on it. Antonio thought it was a nice gift, and most important, he only had to spend a dollar on it. Antonio put the mug in a nice gift bag he got for his own birthday. There was no way he would spend money on a gift bag.

Antonio went to Jimmy's house. There were 20 people at the party. Jimmy had 20 gifts. At the end of the day, Jimmy opened up everybody's gifts. Jimmy received some pretty great gifts. Some of the gifts he got include a video game in high demand, gift cards, and a leather jacket. Jimmy finally opened Antonio's gift. Jimmy didn't expect much from Antonio. He reached inside the bag and pulled out the mug. He actually really liked it. He was pleasantly surprised. Then, he noticed the price tag was still there. It said $1.

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