73. The Cyberbully Confessed

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Technology is such a big part of teenagers' lives. Teenagers are always on social media, uploading pictures, replying to people, and more. Because the use of technology is becoming more and more popular, cyberbullying has become a trend too. Cyberbullying is bullying done online. This includes texting mean things about people, posting private photos of others, and more. One of the many bad things about cyberbullying is that one can be anonymous, which means that no one would know that he or she is the one cyberbullying someone.

Michelle was scrolling on Facebook one day. A photo of her face photoshopped onto a fat person was on Facebook. Michelle was shocked. Who made this? She looked at who posted it and it was someone with the username "chubbybunny94." She asked her friends if they knew who was behind this. Unfortunately no one knew. At school, the next day people made fun of her. It was annoying, but Michelle didn't care too much because she knew she was not fat. During lunch time, however, it got out of control. A classmate threw a piece of cake at her face and said, "Eat it fatty!" Michelle ran to the bathroom and cried.

Michelle's friends told the principal about what happened. The principal made an announcement at every 11th grade classroom saying that if the cyberbully does not confess, he will call the police. A couple of days later, the cyberbully confessed. It was John. He did it because he was mad at Michelle for refusing to help him cheat on a test. John was suspended for three days. Michelle feels better.

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