70. Homecoming Queen (1)

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Deborah was originally from Nebraska. Her family moved to California because her dad found a great job opportunity there. He would be getting paid much more than he was getting in Nebraska. He was an engineer, and engineers are high in demand in California. Deborah had to move to a new high school though. She missed all her old friends already, but was looking forward to meeting new people.

On her first day of school, Deborah introduced herself to the class. The guys in the class started whispering about how pretty she was. Some of the girls nodded in agreement while some of the girls just rolled their eyes in jealousy. After Deborah introduced herself, there was an announcement about Homecoming, a tradition welcoming back the students to school. The announcement invited all students to run for Homecoming Queen and King. Deborah would have run if she was back in Nebraska, but she didn't know anyone in California.

At lunchtime, a girl invited Deborah to sit with her and her friends. "Hi! You're new! I'm Kimberly. I'm in your homeroom class," she said. "I would, but nobody knows me. I don't stand a chance," Deborah said. "Yes, you do. Everyone is already talking about you and calling you the 'Pretty New Girl'. Also, the main competitor is Sarah, but all the girls don't want her to win because she won last year and she's really mean." Deborah decided to run for Homecoming Queen after Kimberly said this. What's the harm?

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