69. Moving into the Dorm

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Michael is a freshman at UCLA. He is going to live in the dorms. Before then, he lived with his parents. His parents are happy for him, but sad that they won't get to see him as much. Michael has two roommates. One of them is his friend from high school. The other one is someone he does not know. Michael didn't bring that many things to the dorm. He knew that the dorms at UCLA are pretty small. When Michael and his parents entered the room, both of his roommates were already in there.

"Michael! What's up?!" William exclaimed. Michael and William hugged. They were excited to be continuing their adventures in college. The other roommate David was quietly at his desk. He was already studying! "Hi, I'm Michael," he extended his hand to David. David shook his hand and continued studying. "Getting an early start huh?" Michael asked. "Yeah I'm trying to get straight As," David said. Michael assumed that he was very smart. "What is your major?" Michael asked. "Biology. I want to be a doctor," David said. It was now clear to Michael why David was studying so much.

After Michael's parents helped him move in, they said their goodbyes. They wouldn't see him until Thanksgiving. "Hey, let's go try the dining hall food! I heard it's amazing," William said. "Sure! Let's invite David too even though he'll probably say no," Michael said. The boys asked if David wanted to come along. "Yeah I'm actually pretty hungry," he said. The boys all went to dinner together and all of them got along. Michael had a good feeling about UCLA.

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