64. A Bad Roommate

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Lisa lived with four other girls in one apartment. She was close friends with three of them. However, Lisa did not like Nancy. She did not like how Nancy never washed her dishes or cleaned around the apartment. Nancy was just so messy. Lisa tried telling her to be more clean. All Nancy said was, "I can do whatever I want. If you don't like my messiness, that's your problem." After this encounter, Lisa tried to avoid talking to her. Lisa would never start a conversation with her. She would only talk to Nancy if she absolutely had to.

One day Lisa noticed that her charger was missing. She always plugged her charger by her bed. She checked around her bed and under it, too. There was nothing but dust. Did Nancy take it? She wasn't that bad... or was she? Lisa didn't want to accuse her, so she just asked, "Did you happen to see my charger?" "Oh yes! I used it last night and forgot to give it to you," Nancy said. Nancy handed the charger to Lisa as if nothing was wrong.

Lisa glared at Nancy. "You can't just take my things without my permission," Lisa said. "I didn't think it was a big deal. It's just a charger," Nancy said. "Yeah, but it's mine, so you need to ask me first," Lisa said. "Okay fine," Nancy said. Nancy never touched Lisa's things ever again.

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