63. She Quit Her Job at the Grocery Store


Dorothy currently works at a local grocery store. She gets a minimum wage, which is $10.50 per hour in California. It is not enough money especially since she wants to travel to Europe this summer. First, Dorothy tried asking her manager for a raise. He said no because she has only been working for six months. Dorothy picked up another job as a tutor. She tutored high school students for $30 per hour. She would go to their house. She taught all subjects.

Dorothy had good grades and was smart. Because of this, a lot of parents hired her. They trusted her to help their kids. Dorothy was good at all subjects and had a 4.0 grade average. She also went to a top university. While she was teaching, she realized that she enjoyed teaching. Seeing kids' faces light up when they understood something was amazing. It was great to see how she was actually helping these kids learn.

Dorothy decided to quit her job at the grocery store. She started to apply to schools for a teaching credential. She decided that traveling to Europe can wait. Months later, Norothy found out she got into all of the schools she applied to. She picked a school in San Francisco and loved it. After graduation, she found a job teaching back at the high school she attended as a teenager.

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