50. A Fashion Trend Setter


Jennifer liked to try new things when it came to fashion. She would get made fun of a lot, but she didn't care. One day, she decided to wear checkered pants to school. When she was walking in the hallway, her classmates stared at her and laughed. "Wear some jeans, you freak!" someone said. Jennifer ignored them. They were boring and jealous of her confidence, she said to herself.

One month later, checkered pants were the most fashionable thing around! All the people, from kids to grandparents, were wearing them. It got popular after a famous singer started wearing checkered pants. Jennifer laughed. The people at school must be feeling dumb right now. People apologized to Jennifer. Fashion trends start small and end up getting bigger. Jennifer decided to wear rainbow striped socks to school. Everyone thought she was weird and made fun of her. Jennifer reminded them about the last trend she set. People said that she was just lucky.

Two weeks later, rainbow socks were in style. They were sold out everywhere. People now realized that Jennifer was a trendsetter. Next week, Jennifer wore a headband. Normally, people would make fun of her, but this time everyone was copying her. Every girl was wearing a headband at her school. Every day people at her school would write down what Jennifer was wearing and copy her.

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