49. Quitting College to Follow Dreams

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Many famous people we know and love quit college to follow their dreams. Mark Zuckerberg and Steve Jobs are just a few of them. Elizabeth was majoring in communication studies. She was doing well in college, but she had bigger dreams. She wanted to create a clothing line. She has been designing clothes for a long time. She wanted her clothing line to be high quality, but affordable. She told her parents that she wanted to quit college. Her parents were not happy about it.

Elizabeth told them about Zuckerberg and Jobs. Her parents said that they were exceptions. They told her that if she quit college, she had to leave the house. Elizabeth thought about it and made the decision to quit college. She lived at her friend's house for a little bit. She worked full-time as a manager at Starbucks, and made enough money to pay her part of the rent and buy food. At night, Elizabeth would sketch designs.

After a few months of saving money, Elizabeth opened up a website and posted her clothes online. She started advertising to her friends and cousins. She asked them to share her website to their friends and family. Eventually, Elizabeth was getting order requests. She was getting so many that she was feeling overwhelmed. She promised that the clothes would be shipped out in two weeks, but she couldn't make all of the clothes in time. She decided to hire three people to help her make the clothes.

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