15. At the Arcade

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Timothy loved to play games ever since he was young. He was good at almost every single game. He was extremely competitive and hated to lose. He decided to go to the arcade to put his skills to the test. He thought this would be a fun way to use his skills and be rewarded.

He invited all his friends to come since he did not want to go alone. At the arcade there were all types of games. The games ranged from beginner to expert level. Some of the games required no skills and just pure luck.

Timothy wanted to try the games that were not based on luck. He decided to warm up with claw machines. These required coordination and precision. However, he soon realized these machines relied a little bit on luck to pick up the prize. He quickly moved onto shooting target games. He also played basketball games. Basketball was more suited towards his skills. He was able to win prizes in both.

Timothy also played games with his friends. It was fun competing against them, even when he lost. Sometimes he felt discouraged when he lost, but he kept trying. At the end of the day, he had many prizes to take home. He realized he had spent a lot of money playing these games.

Timothy told his friends he had a fun time and hopes to come again, but not too often. He traded prizes with his friends and they all took a photo to remember this day.

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