14. Not So Average

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Julia always felt average. She did not have any special talents, but she also was not bad at anything in particular. She always got Bs in class. She was neither fat nor skinny. She could run a mile, but not much more. Most people felt neutral about her. She wore nice clothes, but nothing unique. She wanted to be better than average at something, but whenever she tried, she fell short. When she took an advanced math class, she found herself struggling. She joined the basketball team, but she was not very good.

As Julia was walking to school, she suddenly felt something in her head. It didn't hurt, so it was not a headache. All of a sudden, she saw a cat stuck in a tree in her mind. It was almost like a vision. That was weird, she thought. She continued walking to school. Then, she saw a cat like the one in her vision. It climbed up the tall tree and could not come back down. It was stuck! Julia realized that she could see the future.

Julia would get her visions randomly. She wished she could control it, but she could not. Sometimes she would get five a day and other times she would get them every two weeks. Julia loved her visions though. She felt that it was a special power that gave her advantages. One time she had a vision that her friend was going to die in a car accident, so Julia made her friend not drive that day. Julia did not tell anyone about her visions. She felt like people would not believe her.

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