94. A Jealous Girlfriend


Owen and Donna/span> had been dating for about three months. Everything was going well until Donna saw Owen hugging her best friend, Leanne. Owen and Leanne barely knew each other, so why were they hugging? After school, Owen and Donna met in their usual place. Owen tried to kiss her, but Donna turned away. "What's wrong?" he asked. She told him that she saw him hugging Leanne.

"She was crying! She got a really bad grade on her biology test, so I was just trying to be nice," Owen said. "Yeah, but you didn't have to hug her," Donna said. Owen couldn't believe that Donna was that jealous. "It's really not a big deal," Owen said. "It's a big deal to me! Other people were even telling me that it looked like you guys were a couple," Donna said. Owen rolled his eyes.

"So what would you have done if you were me?" Owen asked. "I would have just talked to her and give her a pat on the back," Donna said. "Okay, now I know what to do next time. Can we just make up?" Owen asked. Donna nodded her head, she was tired of arguing. The two of them went to get lunch and do homework together.

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