93. Singing Competition (2)


Teresa just arrived in Los Angeles to audition for The Next Superstar. This was her last chance to make it big. One of the judges asked where she was from and what her life had been like. Teresa said she was from Maine. She then said that she had been singing since she was 5 years old and had been struggling to pay the bills.

Teresa then sang an original song. The judges were impressed that she wrote a song. They liked how high her voice could go and they allowed her into the next round. Since Teresa made it to the next round, she got to stay at the hotel for free and eat delicious food. Teresa met other singers, and they were all really good. They picked 100 out of 100,000 contestants. She was competing with the best.

Teresa sang a Mariah Carey song for the second round. The judges said she was good, but it wasn't great. They recommended that she sing an opera song since her voice could go really high. Teresa sang an Italian opera song and the crowd went wild. Since then, Teresa decided to change her singing style. Singing opera made her stand out.

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