36. Writing an Essay


Bradley was a typical "cool" guy. He was the captain of the football team dating the head cheerleader. He was rich, tall, and good-looking. He was also the president of the high school. Bradley had one problem. It was his grade in English. He couldn't write an essay to save his life. He had trouble coming up with ideas.

Bradley's final English paper was supposed to be about his role model. He wanted to write about his football coach. Bradley knew he couldn't do well by himself, so he hired the smartest student in class to help him. He was going to pay Melody $10 an hour. Bradley invited Melody to his house.

"Okay Bradley, start with an interesting sentence that's going to grab the reader's attention." "How about 'Soccer is called football in most countries'?" Bradley suggested. "But that has nothing to do with your topic," Melody said. Bradley felt bad. "Hey, don't feel bad. Coming up with hooks can be challenging. Why don't you use a quote that your coach said?" Melody suggested. Bradley thought that was a good idea. His hook was "Football is an art, not a game."

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