23. Mom and Her Daughter


Frances did not get along with her mom, because they had different personalities and goals. Frances' mom was a CEO of a cell phone company. She was incredibly smart, having gone to Harvard University. Her mom cared a lot about money, success, and appearances. Frances was the opposite.

Frances didn't go to college. She started an art business, selling her original art pieces. As long as she could feed herself and live somewhere, it was okay. She also did not mind not being famous. Frances didn't care about her appearance, either. Unlike most girls, she has her hair up to her ears, she never shaved, and only owned ten pieces of clothing. Frances' mom was upset that her daughter chose this lifestyle.

Whenever Frances' mom visited her daughter, they would have a fight. Frances' mom would say some rude comments about Frances' lifestyle, and Frances would tell her mom that she was greedy and shallow. Frances wanted her mom to support what she was doing.

Frances was going to get married. She wanted to invite her mom to her wedding, but she knew that she wouldn't approve of her fiance because he was exactly like Frances. However, at the end of the day, Frances loved her mom, so she gave her the wedding invitation.

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