77. Stomachache

77. Stomachache

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He had a stomachache. He did not know why. Was it something he ate? He wondered. He remembered what he ate that day. He ate eggs in the morning. He also had toast and milk. Later he had a snack. The snack was a cookie. It was a chocolate chip cookie. Then he ate lunch. For Lunch he ate a sandwich. It was a turkey sandwich with cheese. He drank soda. Later, he had another snack. The snack was a popsicle. Then he ate dinner. For dinner he had steak. On the side he had vegetables and mashed potatoes. He drank soda again. That was all he ate for the day. He wondered what had caused his stomachache. He did not drink soda often. He blamed soda. The next day came. He did not have stomachache anymore. He never drank soda again.

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