76. Frisbee


It was a nice sunny day. He was at his aunt's house. His cousins were there, too. He was feeling bored. There was nothing to do. He looked around the house. He saw a Frisbee on the floor. He picked it up. He loved playing Frisbee. It was a fun and simple game to play. He had played it all the time. He needed some one else to play with. He asked his cousins: "Do you guys want to play Frisbee with me?" They said yes right away. They asked their parents for permission. They were given two hours to play. They went to the park to play. He told his cousins to spread out. His cousins had never played Frisbee before. They were excited to play. He had the Frisbee in his hand. "Catch!" he yelled at one of his cousins. He tossed the Frisbee at him. The Frisbee flew in the air. It looked like a flying saucer. His cousin caught it. He tossed it back. They played Frisbee for two hours. It was fun.

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