1. Election Day

1. Repeat

A: Are you going to vote?

B: Yes, are you?

A: Yes, but what day are the elections?

B: You don't know what day the elections are?

A: That's why I'm asking you.

B: They're this coming Tuesday.

A: Really?

B: Yes, I'm serious.

A: Good thing you told me.

B: I can't believe you didn't know when the elections were.

A: It slipped my mind.

B: You should watch the news more often.

2. Repeat

A: Will you be voting?

B: I will. Will you be voting?

A: When is the election?

B: You don't know that?

A: I just don't know.

B: It's this Tuesday.

A: You can't be serious.

B: Why would I joke?

A: Thanks for telling me.

B: You should've known already.

A: I forgot.

B: As long as you go vote, that's all that matters.

3. Repeat

A: Are you going to vote?

B: Of course! Are you?

A: I plan to, but what day is the election?

B: You should know that.

A: Can you just tell me?

B: The election is this Tuesday.

A: Are you serious?

B: I'm not kidding.

A: It's a good thing I asked you.

B: That should've been something you knew already.

A: I couldn't remember.

B: Whatever. Just make sure you go vote.

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