26. Local Customs


A: This is really a fascinating city!

B: Yes, this city is thousands of years old and has quite a history!

A: I really love this temple we are visiting.

B: As you enter the temple, please remove your shoes as the others are doing.

A: It is so quiet here.

B: Yes, they are showing respect to their gods. People come here to pray and meditate.

A: I noticed that the women all have some sort of head covering.

B: It is a tradition that women cover their heads while in the temple.

A: I noticed that all of the people were eating with their hands at dinner last night.

B: Yes, that is another custom that people practice here.


A: I have never traveled to a place that was so different from my home.

B: Yes, this city has a fascinating and diverse past. It is thousands of years old!

A: This temple is beautiful!

B: Please make sure that you remove your shoes before you enter the temple.

A: It is very quiet in here even though there are a lot of people in this area.

B: Yes, even the children are expected to be respectful and quiet here. People need quiet to meditate.

A: The women all seem to have beautiful scarves or veils on their heads.

B: Women in this society would not consider setting foot in a temple without their head being covered.

A: I noticed at dinner last night that people in this country like to use their bread to eat with instead of silverware.

B: Yes, that bread is made of a special texture that works well for that.


A: This city is certainly very different from what I am used to at home.

B: This is an amazing city. It is quite ancient with a diverse past!

A: What an amazing temple!

B: See how everyone is removing their shoes before entering? We need to do the same.

A: The people in this room are very quiet.

B: This is an area of peace and tranquility. It is expected that people keep their voices down out of respect for those who are meditating.

A: The women's scarves are quite beautiful.

B: Women of this faith must have their heads covered to enter the temple.

A: Last night at dinner, I noticed that everyone was using bread to eat with instead of silverware.

B: Yes, eating your curry or vegetables with your bread is a custom in this country.

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