23. Trying to Find a Doctor


A: I am really not feeling very well.

B: Do you think you need to go to a doctor?

A: I think that we should maybe check into how to find a doctor in this country.

B: I don't know where to begin looking for a doctor here.

A: I think that we should call the front desk to see if they can help us.

B: I have an American Express card. I heard that their travel services are quite good.

A: That sounds like a great idea!

B: Do you have travel insurance?

A: Yes, I bought travel health insurance.

B: I am going to call down to the office right now and see what they can do for us.


A: I haven't felt well since we ate dinner at that restaurant with the fish on the menu.

B: Should I look into finding a doctor for you?

A: I feel bad enough that I am thinking about how we could find a doctor.

B: How does someone find a physician in this country?

A: The front desk should be able to find a doctor on call for us.

B: With my American Express card, we could probably get a good referral for a doctor.

A: Yes, the card should help us find a good doctor.

B: Did you buy supplemental health insurance for travelers?

A: Yes, I am insured by a supplemental policy.

B: I will call American Express right now, and we'll get you some medical advice.


A: I think I am running a fever, and my stomach hurts.

B: Do you feel bad enough that we should call a doctor?

A: I don't want to wait till the last minute to try and locate a physician.

B: Do you know how to find a doctor in this country?

A: The front desk would probably be our best source for a doctor.

B: I am going to call the travel services number on my American Express card to get a referral.

A: I am sure that they could refer us to a good doctor.

B: Are you insured by a traveler's insurance policy?

A: No, but I checked before I left, and my home health policy covers me here.

B: I will call the insurance company and see what doctor they want us to use.

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