21. Making Alternate Plans


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A: I guess that we won't be going rollerblading today with all this rain!

B: Yes, rollerblading in six inches of water would not be fun. What would you like to do instead?

A: I think that maybe we could check out the local mall, grab some lunch, and maybe see a movie.

B: Yes, that sounds like a relaxing way to check out the local culture and still stay dry.

A: What else could we do in bad weather?

B: You know, we could take a double-decker bus tour of famous haunted houses and buildings.

A: That would be fun, and the rain would only add to the atmosphere.

B: There is an old English pub next door. Maybe when we finish with the haunted house, we can duck in there for some brew.

A: What a great idea!

B: If we are lucky, maybe they'll have some great food at the pub for supper.


ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor.

A: This rain sort of blows our chances of going rollerblading!

B: No, I don't think that we will be able to do what we planned to do. What can we do for fun today?

A: There is a large indoor mall just down the street with an incredible ice rink we could check out.

B: We could stay inside and dry, and still get out of this hotel room for a while.

A: I am trying to think of something else that we could do in bad weather.

B: We could sign up for that double-decker bus tour of haunted houses.

A: The rainy day would only add to the haunted house atmosphere.

B: I think that when we are done with our haunted house touring, we should pop into the English pub next door for a beer.

A: I could go for that!

B: I hope that we can get some nice hot food for dinner at the pub.


ESL Robot 4.0 (Android) - an AI-powered English tutor.

A: I think that rollerblading today is kind of not happening in this rainstorm.

B: We definitely need to come up with a different plan to amuse ourselves. What do you think would be fun?

A: There is a large indoor mall hooked onto the Modern Art Museum just down the street.

B: That would allow us to stay dry and still get a feel for the local culture.

A: I wonder what the locals do in bad weather.

B: There is a sign for a double-decker tour of haunted houses in the lobby.

A: Haunted houses would be a perfect outing for a rainy day!

B: I think we should wrap up our rainy haunted house day with some ale at the English pub down the street.

A: I think that rainy days and pubs go together!

B: Usually pubs have some pretty good cold-weather food. Maybe we can have dinner there.

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